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Lyoness: Riesiges PR-Desaster in Kanada

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Dragons’ Den ist eine beliebte Wirtschaftssendung des kanadischen Fernsehsenders CBC (Twitter: @cbcdragonsden).

In der Show versuchen diverse Kandidaten für ihr Geschäft von gestandenen Self-Made-Millionären Kapital zu ergattern. Auch Andy Nyakas aus Bramton/Ontario versuchte sein Glück und wollte von den fünf Unternehmern 175’000 kanadische Dollar fürs Mitmachen bei seiner Up/Downline in der “Einkaufsgemeinschaft” Lyoness, die kein Schneeballsystem sein will. Inspiriert für Lyoness wurde Nyakas von seiner Ex-Frau aus Ungarn (dort beschäftigen sich momentan auch die Behörden mit den Lyonesen).

Das Ergebnis war desaströs. Innert Kürze durchschauten die Experten, worum es geht, Nyakas kam gehörig ins Schwitzen – er versprach tatsächlich live im TV 20 bis 40 Prozent Rabatt, wenn man mit der Lyoness-Karte einkauft. Der Auftritt war derart mies, dass Lyoness auf Youtube das Video wiederholt sperren liess – mit der dreisten Behauptung, Youtube würde gegenüber Lyoness eine “Urheberrechtsverletzung” begehen.

Diese Behauptung ist total absurd: Lyoness hat an diesem Beitrag null “Copyright”-Ansprüche anzumelden. Wenn schon, dann ist das CBC oder die Produzenten der Sendung, wozu Lyoness bestimmt nicht gehört.

Vielleicht gabs auch bei CBC “Lämpe”: Dort ist der Beitrag “currently unavailable” – könnte aber auch sein, dass es sich um eine simple IP-Sperre handelt.

Doch war der Spass schnell wieder wieder online – bei Youtube (ab Minute 25):

Update: Da das Desaster-Video offenbar von Lyoness immer wieder zum Verschwinden gebracht wird, habe ich den Beitrag mal im Original transkribiert. Am besten geniessbar die TV-Aufzeichnung, die Lyoness offenbar gerne von Youtube auf Nimmerwiedersehen verschwinden lassen möchte. Hier zur Begutachtung und bei Bedarf zum Download.

Hier also mal ne “quick and dirty”-Transkription auf Englisch:

Off: “Next is the Den of Bramton Ontario truck driver with an all in one card that rewards shoppers and he’s hoping the Dragons will become investors.”

Andy Nyakas: Hello Dragons, my name is Andy Nyakas and I am from Bramton Ontario. I stand humbly before you today to offer you historical business opportunity … oooooh… (or uhhhh…)

One of The Dragons: How much money are you looking for, Andy?

Andy Nyakas: I’m looking for 175’000 of your hard earned Dollars which works out to 35’000 Dollars per Dragon as I would like all five of you on board.

One of The Dragons: What do we get? How much of the company?

Andy Nyakas: Ähh, if you could please let me finish my pitch… ähh.. I will lead up to it. I have important information. It’s not a product, that I’m selling…

One of The Dragons: Ok. go ahead.

Andy Nyakas: Thank you very much Madam…

(Muffled laughter)

Andy Nyakas: I would like to have all five of you on board. In exchange you will get a business package in a rapidly growing company. This business package will be responsible in the near future for bringing you huge returns

(Long pause by Andy … skeptical glimpses by the Dragons)

Andy Nyakas: And ähhh… let me explain… –

(Still very sceptical visages from the Dragons…)

Andy Nyakas: Lyoness brings shoppers to retailers in a form of a “cash back card”… This is going to reward you to a lot of money in the future…

(Andy humms “Taadaaaa… and brings some kind of a “board” to the Den (note the Lyoness Child Foundation logo on the lower left which is based in Buchs/Switzerland on this board… Very skeptical facial expression on part of some of the Dragons…)

Andy Nyakas: Instead of all these reward point cards with clutter and restriction with one card Lyoness guarantees you cash back into your bank account after your routine purchases.

One of The Dragons: How much? What percentages?

Andy Nyakas: Ähh, it can vary it can go for 20 to 40 per cent!

One of The Dragons: Wait a sec. I go buy something I get 20 per cent of that purchase valued in cash?

Andy Nyakas: Yes sir!

One of The Dragons: That ain’t gonna happen!

Andy Nyakas: Let me explain further…

One of The Dragons: That don’t make any sense…

One of The Dragons: Kevin..

One of The Dragons: Keep going…

Andy Nyakas: Thank you sir…

One of The Dragons: You should be sweating!

(Andy with flabbergasted expression)

One of The Dragons: Kevin. Shush!

Andy Nyakas: The way it works is that ähh, the shoppers sign up and register for free … and … ahhh (ähhh), excuse me, I’m just so nervous!

One of The Dragons: I know this is gonna end badly for you! I want you to know that!

One of The Dragons: Kevin! I want you to get this poor man get his pitch…

One of The Dragons: Very badly!

Andy Nyakas: Ähh, I get 20 per cent of my retail purchases…

One of The Dragons: Let him hear it, let him talk…

(Big … pause (BFP). Loud inhaling and exhaling…)

Andy Nyakas: Ähhh…

Andy Nyakas: The shoppers register for free and ähhh Lyoness partners up with retailers in.. to take a sales commission of the sales they generate that particular retailer pending on their profit margin. Just like a commission based salesman in a company.

One of The Dragons: I get it.

One of The Dragons: I dont get it.

One of The Dragons: I get it.

Andy Nyakas: Ah, ah, I’m, I’m gonna try it to explain to you in a simple term…

One of The Dragons: If I can help… You sign us up and then the deal is we should go sign up other people, right?

Andy Nyakas: Absolutely!

One of The Dragons: And they go sign up other people…

One of The Dragons: Isn’t that a pyramid scheme?

Andy Nyakas: We’re eight years old, ähh, in Europe… and a pyramid scheme falls apart on the bottom, correct? ’cause everytime you move to the top. The supporters from this is the shoppers which register for free.

One of The Dragons: Right.

Andy Nyakas: And they’re motivated to go use their cards at all the retailers…

One of The Dragons: I don’t make any money if someone signs up underneath me!

Andy Nyakas: Yes, you do!

One of The Dragons: I do?

Andy Nyakas: Absolutely!

One of The Dragons: Ohhh! (laughter)

One of The Dragons: That’s signs of a pyramid scheme!

Andy Nyakas: It’s not a pyramid scheme…

One of The Dragons: Large foot circling above your head…

One of The Dragons: What’s the cost to become a business partner?

Andy Nyakas: The one I bought is 10’000 Dollars and that’s the start in Canada alone.

One of The Dragons: Andy, how much on the return of your money have you got now?

Andy Nyakas: Ähh, so far I’m on my way zero (0!) because I’ve been very busy…

One of The Dragons: How many years ago you’re getting the 10’000?

Andy Nyakas: Ähh. basicly it was in a steps the last payment I made was about 3 months ago .. I borrowed money against my house… why? Because the returns overpower any percentages…

One of The Dragons: Where are the returns coming?

Andy Nyakas: The returns are ähhh…

One of The Dragons: Will you give him 35’000?

One of The Dragons: Wait a second. Why would an investor give 10’000 Dollars to somebody and never get a return?

Andy Nyakas: You get gonna a return!

One of The Dragons: When?

Andy Nyakas: As soon as you find your four (4) “directs”!

One of The Dragons: Ooooooh! Ouch! Badabooom! Hähähäääää!

One of The Dragons: Where do you buy this from?

Andy Nyakas: From my wife in Europe!

One of The Dragons: Ähhhähähä! Booom!

One of The Dragons: How much did she make?

Andy Nyakas: It’s hard to say because it’s in Hungarian Forint!

One of The Dragons: Hehehehe!

(Other Dragons guy: *Palmface*)

(Other Dragons guy: *Scraping head*)

Another Dragons guy, Robert Herjavec: I think the odds you’re getting money from the dragons is pretty low. To gotta be honest…

Andy Nyakas: Why is that? It’s a straight full business, I mean…

One of The Dragons: Andy, we…

Andy Nyakas: Here’s the way it works… simply, simply!

One of The Dragons: You are loosing us!

Andy Nyakas: Lyoness up here… ok. Here’s me. And here’s the five of Dragons under me, ok?

One of The Dragons: And there’s a big foot above you about to squash you…

Andy Nyakas: Whyyy?

One of The Dragons: Because its a really stupid idea!

One of The Dragons: Just hold on can you finish that analogy for me? So that… it’s you …

Andy Nyakas: Yes, here’s Lyoness, here’s me and here comes the five Dragons underneath me…

One of The Dragons: Yeah, underneath, got it… and… 

Andy Nyakas: They start to build their network…

One of The Dragons: Yeah. And it gets kinda bigger, right? 

Andy Nyakas: Bigger because everybody that you bring in they’re gonna bring in somebody!

One of The Dragons: So we start here (macht Zeichen für Spitze einer Pyramide)

Andy Nyakas: Yes! (Andy ist jetzt plötzlich sehr enthusiastisch) And then it gets bigger and bigger…

One of The Dragons: What did I just make Andy? (Sie zeigt die Form der Pyramide…)

Andy Nyakas: Can we get back to it, this nasty “P”-Word, the pyramid scheme? Which is illegal? Number one!

One of The Dragons: It’s just that, I just used it as an analogy.

One of The Dragons: You know what: Many people do.

One of The Dragons: My friend: This is not something, that I would ever invest in. And neither should you have! I’m out!

One of The Dragons: I don’t know if it’s a pyramid or not, but my reaction is: I’m not comfortable selling this to any of my friends or business associates! So I’m out.

Andy Nyakas: WOW!

One of The Dragons: Andy, you shouldn’t take any more money and invest it in this! That would be a good idea. I’m out.

One of The Dragons: Absolutely no way would I put my money into this. This stuff is distasteful! I’m out!

One of The Dragons: It does not impress me. I’m not impressed by the way it’s operating as well. So, for that reason, I’m out.

Andy Nyakas: OK…

One of The Dragons: Will you take that with you? (Das Lyoness-Board mit der Stiftung für die Kinder – gegründet in der Schweiz…). Er nahm es nicht mehr mit… (den Off-Kommentar lasse ich mal so stehen… irgendwas mit anzünden oder so…)