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«European City Guide» among «last year’s five worst companies»

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Spanish scam guide company «European City Guide» (ECG) was «honored» by the leading Swedish newspaper «Dagens Nyheter» recently.

The paper broke a story about fake invoices and scam guides on a two pages feature.

In the issue of August 26, the newspaper writes that the ECG belonged to the five worst companies in Sweden in the year 2009.

That year alone, 309 complaints about the «free update»-scam of the ECG were received by

The company «European City Guide SL» was founded in Spain by the Swiss holding company «Maiwolf Holding AG» in 1998.

Several Maiwolf Holding companies now face charges on fraudulent advertisement and other offenses in Switzerland.

At the beginning the company was set up by Ricardo Daura Pages, but for a long time the ECG was fronted by the Spaniard Francisco López-Peláez Torres.

He made quite a name for himself and the ECG – especially in Belgium, documented by the leading French-written paper «Le Soir»:

Le Soir, Friday 9, March 2007: Lire aussi les petits caractères!

Le Soir, March 28, November 2006: Dissolution de la société fautive

Le Soir, October 23, 2004: Justice – Procès à Bruxelles d’une gigantesque escroquerie internationale, avec des centaines de victimes Arnaque aux annuaires professionnels

Senaste årets fem värsta företag

Dagens Nyheter
26 Aug 2010

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